A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Trapped inside a CRT screen, Blit the cat has to escape it by reaching the speed of light.

Use direction keys to make Blit face the right colors.

Use M to mute the sound.

Use F for fullscreen.

Known issues :

  • No real end to the game yet

Changelog :

  • 11th Feb : add proper speedometer
  • 10th Feb : fixed issue with sound not playing correclty
  • 9th Feb : fixed crash on startup on Windows 7 related to the font, fixed timestep issue that was causing slowdowns on laptops, added Mac version
  • 8th Feb : first upload (from Copenhagen yeah !)

Made by Damien Bagnoud, Vincent Pancaldi and Remi Gillig during Nordic Game Jam 2015.


Cathodic.zip 946 kB
Cathodic.app.zip 844 kB